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Security Statement

ContactDirect is committed to keeping your information private and secure. We use industry-leading technologies and policies to protect the confidentiality of your customer data and personal information, and we will continue to update our systems to stay at the forefront of security processes and technologies.

ContactDirect uses the same industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol that leading e-commerce and financial service providers use to encrypt your information so that it cannot be understood by other people. This encryption ensures the privacy of your data as it flows between your Web browser and ContactDirect's servers. ContactDirect will enable strong 128-bit SSL encryption with U.S. versions of Microsoft and Netscape browsers, and industry 40-bit SSL with non-U.S. version browsers. Each time you log in to ContactDirect, you can choose to use SSL to encrypt your information.

Personal ID and Password
To ensure that our members identify themselves to ContactDirect in a secure and reliable way, ContactDirect uses a three-field authentication system. We require the use of a Personal ID and Password to log in to our service. Your Password is stored on our physically secure servers in an encrypted format, which makes it completely unreadable and protected from external harm and fraudulent activity. As a good security practice, we also recommend that you regularly change your Password.

Firewalls and Physical Security
ContactDirect's own network and systems are another critical factor in maintaining tight security. ContactDirect uses sets of related computer programs called firewalls to protect its network and systems from external attacks. Data related to ContactDirect members is stored on a network maintained solely for that purpose, with multiple firewalls, that is separate from ContactDirect corporate services such as ContactDirect's own Intranet. This dedicated network is located in secure, limited-access facilities and is guarded around the clock.

Access Rights
ContactDirect members may not directly alter or revise a company's information. All updates are first submitted to ContactDirect's customer service department for verification prior to any actual change in the database. Furthermore, users can never have access to other users private information such as notes and calendar activities. ContactDirect maintains access logs and other documentation so that if a security breach was to occur, it could easily be traced and identified.

Indepenent Review
ContactDirect has its security, availability and privacy processes examined quarterly by independent auditors.


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